We Are Not Worthy!

Cute Overload

“OK… First I’ll access the secret military spy satellite that is in geosynchronous orbit over the midwest. Then I’ll ID the limo by the vanity plate “MR. BIGGG” and get his approximate position. Then I’ll reposition the transmission dish on the remote truck to 17.32 degrees east, hit WESTAR 4 over the Atlantic, bounce the signal back into the aerosphere up to COMSAT 6, beam it back to SATCOM 2 transmitter number 137 and down on the dish on the back of Mr. Big’s limo… It’s almost too easy.”

Pup that looks like Garth from Wayne’s World, Via 123Inspiration

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Nairobi in pictures: Juliana Rotich shares her favorite spots in the Kenyan capital city

TED Blog

Juliana Rotich didn’t grow up in Nairobi, but the Kenyan capital has been her official full-time home since 2011. Now, she describes the city as “another node in my network.” It’s a suitable metaphor for a woman who’s immersed in the technology business, from her work at the nonprofit data and mapping collective, Ushahidi, to her development of the Internet-enabling device, BRCK. Here, she shares some of the places she loves about her current home town, including a good place to pick up chapati and a place to admire baby elephants. That’s right. Baby elephants.

Photographs by Joshua Wanyama, the co-founder and CEO of online marketing agency Pamoja Media, which is currently working on developing a mobile network for African farmers to maximize agricultural production. Born and raised in Nairobi, Wanyama is a 2009 TED Fellow, the curator of TEDxNairobi and an avid photographer. He runs the African micro…

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Lerer-backed app Makr is a mobile stationery studio


Over the last few years, there’s been a distinct shift in how people plan their weddings, baby showers and other events. With the dawn of Pinterest and Etsy, more brides, mothers-to-be and eager event planners have become accustomed to the idea of having a completely customized, detailed, hand-made party. Makr, a free-to-use app made exclusively for the iPad(s aapl), aims to fulfill that fantasy by offering completely customizable and editable stationery, printable at home or commissioned to a printer.

It’s safe to say that the stationery design business is pretty hot right now: Custom design house Minted recently netted $41 million in Series C funding, and estimates the party decor market to be around $7 billion. Makr is definitely looking for a piece of that pie, and it has the pedigree. Makr creators Happy Studio, Inc. began with designing Martha Stewart’s CraftStudio, an obvious forerunner to its…

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Early To Bed

Flowers and Breezes

Are you a morning person or a night owl?


Early to bed and early to rise
Is a habit I would love
I do rise early but reach bed late
Will someone tell me how to migitate

My bed do entice me
Calling me over
Resisting it’s charm I muddle along
Remaining awake all night long

This habit is bad I now know
But don’t know how to let it go

Early To Bed



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Take It From Guys

The Fashion Medley

3.1 Phillip LimDamir DomaSaint LaurentI’m as passionate about menswear as the day is long, which is evident in almost every post on this blog. Let it be a styling trick, an attitude, an oversize cut or the eternal love for trousers; I find inspiration in menswear the most. Actually if I were a little taller I’d probably shop from mens sections even more, now I can only go with Topman‘s XS. In fact last week during a conversation with my husband about how lots of men (especially in Turkey) lack sartorial gusto, I opined that even though the sources and options are scarcer than womenswear, it should be a lot easier for men to dress up sharply even in their daily lives simply because if a man wears what I wear he would look really cool whereas I look like a schoolboy (again, insert here that I’m only 5’ 3″). I think at…

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