a moment of brilliance

The Matticus Kingdom

 photo paris_zps402b2b52.jpgcredit: Trey Ratcliff

Life had been unexpectedly more hectic than usual for Henry recently.  Troubles at home and at work had kept him on edge far more than he was used to.  He found himself irritable, frustrated, and tired for the first time in years.  The days were snap shot blurs where he bounced between going through the motions and scrambling to stay solvent.  Things were moving too fast and too slow at the same time.  The nights were worse, as he spent the dark hours awake churning over the missteps of the current day and the demands of those that followed.

So, when he found himself wandering near the Eiffel Tower on his walk home from work and happened upon a pocket garden he had never seen before, Henry was stunned to find himself stopping, admiring, breathing in the moment and forgetting about his cares and concerns.  He was…

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